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IRIS Business Systems develops and designs state-of-the-art tailor-made software and data management solutions, as well as hardware support to suit the individual needs and particular preferences and expectations of a number of clients. We aim to truly understand the heart of our clients’ business, allowing for flexibility, individual nuances and practical excellence.

Impeccable customer service and personal support provide a solid foundation for all we do. We are based in George, South Africa, and service national and international clients since 1998.


Tailor-made user-friendly software solutions

IRIS offers a wide range of software, including iVMS (transportation and conveyance industries), iMS (industrial and manufacturing industries), Meterman (municipal metering), Plan Manager (municipal planning) and offers data analysis for intensive animal production systems. The aim is to offer a comprehensive solution to increase production efficiency.

Hardware solutions and anti-virus software support

IRIS provides hardware solutions (computers, notebooks, printers and monitors). We install and maintain company networks as well as sophisticated gateway servers, designed to monitor, filter and protect our clients against unauthorised access. IRIS provides ESET anti-virus software, a first level anti-virus system for complete network protection.

Data management solutions and business intelligence

IRIS assists clients to transform data into actionable information. Our software programmes enable clients to automatically move data between programmes (through integration with Pastel) and therefore prevent double posting, as well as to manipulate data for reports, graphs and dashboards. IRIS offers on-line technical assistance including remote back-ups.



We do not overpromise, but deliver what we promised. Honesty – and delivering on our commitments – is entrenched in everything we do.


We offer unconditional support and are available when problems arise. We are here to stay – dependable, reliable and stable in all we say and do.


We aim to truly understand your realities and challenges, and strive to respond with agility and ability – customisation and responsiveness is our forte.


As a socially responsible family business, we tread softly on people and the environment. We take our responsibility to add value seriously.




Owner, Director and Chief Technical Officer

Vaughan Bezuidenhout has 35 years’ experience in Information Technology (Software Development). His software development career is rooted in Municipal Software Systems on UNIX platforms spanning 15 years. In 1999 he joined Annemarie at Iris Business Systems. 

Together they have developed unique operational systems. Vaughan employs a multitude of languages and Operating Systems to achieve desired outcomes for their solutions, ranging from Microsoft based languages to Linux-based servers. Systems integration remains his passion and his belief in a “connected world”.



Owner, Director and Chief Operating Officer

Annemarie Bezuidenhout – a graduate of Stellenbosch University and founding member of Iris Business Systems. Her qualification as an animal scientist with data skills brings a unique set of values into the company. 

Her vision and forward-thinking ensures that the company delivers quality software solutions with agility and flexibility. Annemarie has in-depth acumen of SQL, Excel and Data Management Platforms. She is a naturalist whose values include honesty, respect and fairness. 

Her favourite pastime is to be outdoors, exploring nature.



Chief Development Officer

Cathy Sanderson joined Iris Business Systems as an intern in 2012. 

Under the guidance and tuition of Vaughan and Annemarie, she quickly evolved into a fully-fledged developer having confidently written operational systems using Visual Studio 2017, SQL and Excel as the primary development platforms for our company. 

Cathy is our primary software developer. Her efficiency and ability to simplify complexity makes her an integral part of the business. 

Her favourite pastime is writing poetry.



Multimedia and reporting

Kerusha Govender – a honours graduate of UCT, joined Iris Business Systems in August 2019 as an intern exposing her to all aspects of the software development business. Her current contribution has been creating and designing user manuals for IBS’s main software product. 

The internship includes developing her technical skills by creating reports using Report Manager Designer, Excel and SQL. She is continuing to learn Visual Studio 2017 and tools for mobile development. 

Her favourite pastime is reading and expanding her knowledge.




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